Machine Specifications

  • Machine Type : Pipe making machine  ( horizontal extrusion
  • Production Capacity : Up to 2000 meters per hour ( depending on the material and pipe size )
  • Cooling System : Air or water cooling system for efficient cooling
  • Pipe Cutting System:  CNC Pipe Cutting Cold Flying Saw High-speed cutting system for precise cutting and trimmin



Machine Features

Advanced Control System : User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface and real-time monitoring
High-Speed Pipe Cutting : Fast and accurate cutting system for reduced production time
Automatic Pipe Forming : Advanced pipe forming technology ensures consistent pipe dimensions and quality
Self-Cleaning System : Automatic cleaning system for easy maintenance and reduced downtime
Material Monitoring System : Real-time monitoring of material usage and temperature control
Safety Features : Multiple safety features, including emergency stop, alarm system, and protective guarding

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