Sanco 100mm CNC Pipe Bending

Key Features:

  • CNC Fully Automatic Operation
  • Single Radius Bending (SR)
  • Electric Bending (E)
  • Hydraulic Bending (H)


  • Max Bending Capacity: Φ100X5.5 mm
  • Mandrel Length: 4400 mm
  • Bending Speed: 20-30 °/s
  • Feeding Speed: 200-650 mm/s
  • Rotating Speed: 25-120 °/s
  • Bending Precision: ±0.1°
  • Feeding Precision: ±0.1 mm
  • Rotating Precision: ±0.1°
  • Max Bending Degree: 190°

Additional Features:

  • Working Light
  • Input Data for Y, B, C or X, Y, Z Axes
  • Automatic Lubrication System
Versatile Pipe Material Compatibility:
  • Suitable for various pipe materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.
Multiple Pipe Shapes and Bars:
  • Capable of handling round, square, rectangular, and profile pipes and bars.
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